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Synthesis And Tribological Applications Of Hybrid Materials

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In-depth knowledge on tribological applications of hybrid composites Synthesis and Tribological Applications of Hybrid Materials provides a comprehensive overview of tribological properties of hybrid composites

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  • The book covers a wide-range of versatile topics such as Tribological assessment on accelerated aging bones in polymeric condition Nano fracture and wear testing on natural bones Tribological behaviour of glass fiber with fillers reinforced hybrid polymer composites and jute/glass hybrid composites Wear properties of glass fiber hybrid, and acid- and silane-modified CNT filled hybrid glass/kenaf epoxy composites Hybrid natural fibre composites as a friction material and much more

    The book offers an understanding of the processes, materials, techniques and mechanisms related to the tribological concepts and includes information on the most recent developments in the field

    This important resource -Discusses recent advancements in the field of tribology and hybrid materials -Offers a guide for professionals in the fields of materials science, mechanical engineering, biomaterials, chemistry, physics and nanotechnology -Integrates theory, synthesis and properties of nybrid materals as well as their applications -Offers an outlook to the future of this burgeoning technology Written for materials scientists, surface chemists, bioengineers, mechanical engineers, engineering scientists and chemical industry professionals, Synthesis and Tribological Applications of Hybrid Materials is a comprehensive resource that explores the most recent developments in the field.

    With contributions from an international panel of experts, the book discusses the synthesis and characterization of hybrid materials, as well as their applications in biotechnological and biomedical fields

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